News DAWN OF SOLACE release brand new lyric video!

It’s been 13 long years until Wolfheart / Before the Dawn mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen returns with his hotly anticipated, sophomore solo-album under the flag of DAWN OF SOLACE. ‘Waves’ will be taking the listener on a dark trip of

Albums Rise of the Phoenix

1. Exordium 2. Pitch-Black Universe 3. Phoenix Rising 4. Cross to Bear 5. Throne of Ice 6. Perfect Storm 7. Fallen World 8. Eclipse 9. Closure After the departure of Lars

Albums Deathstar Rising

1. The First Snow 2. Winter Within 3. Deathstar 4. Remembrance 5. Unbroken 6. Judgement 7. The Wake 8. Sanctuary 9. Butterfly Effect 10. Wreith The band’s sixth CD marks

Albums Soundscape of Silence

1. Dying Sun 2. Exile 3. Silence 4. Dead Reflection 5. Hide Me 6. Fabrication 7. Saviour 8. Monsters 9. Cold 10. Last Song During the recording sessions of this

Albums Deadlight

1. Wrath 2. Faithless 3. Fear Me 4. Eternal 5. Morning Sun 6. Deadsong 7. Guardian 8. Star of Fire 9. Reign of Fire 10. … Before the Dawn joined

Albums The Ghost

1. Disappear 2. Repentance 3. Away 4. Scar 5. Angel’s Tombstone 6. Black Dawn 7. Enemy 8. Stormbringer 9. Ghost Town 10. …Nowhere The Ghost was the third full-length album released

Albums 4:17 am

1. Heaven 2. Seed 3. Dreamer 4. Fade Away 5. Crush 6. Into You 7. My Room 8. The Black 9. Vengeance 10. Hiding 4:17 am is the second full-length album released

Albums My Darkness

Unbreakable Seraphim My Darkness Take My Pain Father And Son Alone Angel Undone Human Hatred 4.16 AM   My Darkness, the first full-length album by Before the Dawn, was released

Artist Before The Dawn

Finnish melancholic melodic death metal outfit BEFORE THE DAWN has once again risen from its ashes. June 25, 2011, the concert at Nummirock festival, marked the end of the old line-up; after one month

Reviews Wolfheart – Shadow World

As Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart‘s frontman and founder told me once when I ran into him at Tavastia, “Same shit, different band.” He was referring to his previous band, Before The Dawn. While I do