Gallery BATTLE BEAST – Rock in the City – Kuopio 15.6.2019

BATTLE BEAST in Nordic Metal. ROCK IN THE CITY KUOPIO festival review.

Concerts Rock in the City Festival, Kuopio Finland – June 14-15

Rock in the City is a new festival tour in Finnish summer, happening in 9 mid-sized “cities” or more like towns, and the very first in line was Kuopio, the

Albums No More Hollywood Endings
Concerts Battle Beast @ Metalfest 3/06/2018

Battle Beast – wow, sounds exciting, what’s in these words for you? For me it’s power, energy, never-ending will to go on and awesome live shows! The first time I

Albums Bringer of Pain

1. Straight to the Heart 2. Bringer of Pain 3. King for a Day 4. Beyond the Burning Skies 5. Familiar Hell 6. Lost in Wars (feat. Tomi Joutsen) 7.

Albums Unholy Savior

1. Lionheart 2. Unholy Savior 3. I Want the World… and Everything in It 4. Madness 5. Sea of Dreams 6. Speed and Danger 7. Touch in the Night 8.

Albums Battle Beast

1. Let It Roar 2. Out of Control 3. Out on the Streets 4. Neuromancer 5. Raven 6. Into the Heart of Danger 7. Machine Revolution 8. Golden Age 9.

Albums Steel
Artist Battle Beast

Silence was reigning in the camp of Finnish heavy metallers BATTLE BEAST during the last few months. The group had retired to forge their brand-new, fourth studio album. But now