Concerts BARREN EARTH & OCEANHOARSE – Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, March 30, 2018

Helsinki based progressive death metal band BARREN EARTH finally plays a headline show in their hometown and the opening act, OCEANHOARSE, can be surely considered one of the latest sensations of

Albums A Complex of Cages

 1. The Living Fortress 2. The Ruby 3. Further Down 4. Zeal 5. Scatterprey 6. Solitude Pith 7. Dysphoria 8. Spire 9. Withdrawal   A Complex of Cages is the fourth studio album of the Finnish metallers Barren Earth.

Albums On Lonely Towers

From the Depths of Spring Howl Frozen Processions A Shapeless Derelict Set Alight On Lonely Towers Chaos, the Songs Within The Vault

Albums The Devil’s Resolve

1. Passing of the Crimson Shadows 2. The Rains Begin 3. Vintage Warlords 4. As It Is Written 5. The Dead Exiles 6. Oriental Pyre 7. White Fields 8. Where

Albums Curse of the Red River

1. Curse of the Red River 2. Our Twilight 3. Forlorn Waves 4. Flicker 5. The Leer 6. The Ritual of Dawn 7. Ere All Perish 8. Cold Earth Chamber

Artist Barren Earth

Barren Earth was formed in Helsinki in the Autumn of 2007. This new ambitious, progressive death metal band was originally conceived in late 2006. With a head full of new,