Concerts AVATAR – Luxor, Cologne (GER), March 18, 2018

On a cold Sunday evening Kingstar Music opened the doors of the Luxor in Cologne for a special event. The king of Avatar Country should come to Cologne! The show

Reviews Avatar – Avatar Country

Sometimes you find good bands more by accident. In this case it was for me with Avatar. Only by researching for a festival I became aware of the Swedes and

Albums Avatar Country

1. Glory To Our King 2. Legend Of The King 3. The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country 4. King’s Harvest 5. The King Wants You 6. The King Speaks

Albums Feathers & Flesh

1. Regret 2. House Of Eternal Hunt 3. The Eagle Has Landed 4. New Land 5. Tooth, Beak & Claw 6. For The Swarm 7. Fiddler’s Farewell 8. One More

Albums Hail the Apocalypse

1. Hail The Apocalypse 2. What I Don’t Know 3. Death Of Sound 4. Vultures Fly 5. Bloody Angel 6. Murderer 7. Tsar Bomba 8. Puppet Show 9. Get In

Albums Black Waltz

1. Let Us Die 2. Torn Apart 3. Ready For The Ride 4. In Napalm 5. Black Waltz 6. Blod 7. Let It Burn 8. One Touch 9. Paint Me

Albums Avatar

1. Queen Of Blades 2. The Great Pretender 3. Shattered Wings 4. Reload 5. Out Of Our Minds 6. Deeper Down 7. Revolution Of Two 8. Roadkill 9. Pigfucker 10.

Albums Schlacht

1. Schlacht 2. Wildflower 3. All Which Is Black 4. 4 AM Breakdown 5. As It Is 6. All Hail The Queen 7. When Your Darkest Hour Comes 8. I

Albums Thoughts of No Tomorrow

1. Bound To The Wall 2. And I Bid You Farewell 3. Last One Standing 4. War Song 5. The Willy 6. My Shining Star 7. My Lie 8. Stranger

Artist Avatar

Avatar is a heavy metal band formed in Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in 2001, the band has released seven studio albums, the most recent being Avatar Country in 2018. The band has had some success on US