Albums Aura Noire

1. Dark Lung of the Storm 2. Grave Dweller 3. Hell’s Lost Chambers 4. The Obscuration 5. Demoniac Flow 6. Shades Ablaze 7. Mordant Wind 8. Cold Bone Grasp 9.

Albums Out to Die

1. Trenches 2. Fed to the Flames 3. Abbadon 4. The Grin from the Gallows 5. Withheld 6. Priest’s Hellish Fiend 7. Deathwish 8. Out to Die Out To Die is

Albums Hades Rise

1. Hades Rise 2. Gaping Grave Awaits 3. Unleash the Demon 4. Pestilent Streams 5. Schitzoid Paranoid 6. Death Mask 7. Shadows of Death 8. Iron Night / Torment Storm

Albums The Merciless

1. Upon the Dark Throne 2. Condor 3. Black Metal Jaw 4. Hell’s Fire 5. Black Deluge Night 6. Funeral Thrash 7. Sordid 8. Merciless The Merciless is an album by the Norwegian black/thrash metal band Aura

Albums Deep Tracts of Hell

1. Deep Tracts of Hell 2. Released Damnation 3. Swarm of Vultures 4. Blood Unity 5. Slasher 6. Purification of Hell 7. The Spiral Scar 8. The Beautiful, Darkest Path

Albums Black Thrash Attack

1. Sons of Hades 2. Conqueror 3. Caged Wrath 4. Wretched Face of Evil 5. Black Thrash Attack 6. The Pest 7. The One Who Smite 8. Eternally Your Shadow

Artist Aura Noir

Aura Noir is a Norwegian black thrash metal band from Oslo, Norway. Aura Noir is heavily influenced by early thrash bands such as Voivod, Slayer, Sodom and Kreator, to the latter they have also dedicated some of their songs. The