Albums a.O.a.

1. Of the Owls, of the Wolves and of the Nature: Revisiting the Microcosm (pt. I) 2. Valkoinen Susi 3. Patheme 4. a.O.a. 5. The Noble Elements 6. Liber Omega

Albums Devs – Iratvs

    1. Blade Circle 2.Universal Black 3. The Breeze of Grief 4. Draconis Infernvs 5. Ancestor of Magick 6. Lifemocker 7. Heaven Ablaze 8. Celebration of the Heaven Lost

Artist Arthemesia

Arthemesia was a Finnish black metal band active between 1994 and 2010. The band derives their name from Artemisia absinthium, Latin for wormwood, thought to have many spiritual qualities. Their