Albums Vultures Die Alone

1. Out of My Life 2. Break My Chain 3. Bloodline 4. I’m Here to Save You 5. In the Name of Love 6. A Vulture Dies Alone 7. I

Albums Life Is Not Beautiful

1. The End of the Fall 2. No One Stands in My Way 3. At the Break of Dawn 4. The Last Sacrifice 5. Through Your Falling Tears 6. Unforgivable

Albums Last Of Us

1. The Passage 2. Out of the Ashes 3. Shadows 4. Seven 5. Last Of Us 6. I Am the Storm 7. You’re My Melody 8. Burn Your Ship 9.

Artist Arion

Finland’s newest melodic metal sensation ARION came out from the woodwork and dropped on the scene like a bomb. Comprised of a trio of 17 and 18 year old music