Albums You Pay for the Whole Seat, but You’ll Only Need the Edge

1. Pin You All 2. Master Of Disguise 3. Fire! Fire! Fire! 4. Alarm 5. Breed Again 6. In The Barn 7. Even When I’m Wrong, I’m Right 8. Tricky Threesome 9. Marilyn Love Doll” (bonus track) You Pay

Albums Pheromones

1. Billy Bob Jackson 2. I.R.W.Y.T.D 3. Bundy 4. Most Wanted Cowboy 5. Catch Me 6. 101 Ways 7. Deep In 8. My Droogies 9. Bend Over 10. Remember The Day Pheromones is the first album released by the Norwegian band Animal Alpha. The

Artist Animal Alpha

Animal Alpha was a five-piece Norwegian rock group formed in 2002 and disbanded 2009. The band spent much of 2004 playing shows around Norway. Their performance at Oslo’s Øya Festival received 8 out of 10 points in