Albums Back to the Land of the Dead

1. Land of the Dead 2. Beyond the Blood Moon 3. The Sempiternal Haze 4. The Empyrean Sword 5. The Ancient Disarray 6. Occlude the Gates 7. The Excruciating Journey,

Albums Night Visit

1. Envision the Beast 2. Rape the Children of Abel 3. Horroble 4. Night Visit 5. Lycanthrophy 6. Night of the Stygian Souls 7. Fuel the Flames 8. The Truth

Albums Proxima Centauri

1. A Lurking Threat 2. Proxima Centauri 3. The Ancient Horadrim 4. In the Abyss of the Cursed Souls 5. The Witch 6. Apophis 7. Satan’s Children 8. Beyond the

Albums The Halls of Eternity

1. Cast into the Unfathomed Deeps 2. Born in Flames 3. The Battle of the Ancient Warriors 4. A Woeful Summoning 5. Cosmic Exile 6. Spiritual Supremacy 7. The Heritage

Albums Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends

1. Malkavian Twilight 2. A Mad Blood Scenario 3. The Draining 4. Um Sonho Psycodelico 5. Sleeping Princess of the Arges 6. Her Northern Majesty 7. Blackeyes 8. The Emerald

Albums The Cainian Chronicle

1. Ponderous Moonlighting 2. The Cainian Chronicle, Part I: The Curse 3. The Cainian Chronicle, Part II: Lilith’s Embrace 4. The Cainian Chronicle, Part III & IV: Discipline of Caine

Albums Svartalvheim

1. Svartalvheim 2. Trumps of an Archangel 3. Huldradans 4. The Call of the Absu Deep 5. Det glemte riket 6. Paa evig vandring 7. Ved trolltjern 8. Eerily Howling

Artist Ancient

Ancient is a Norwegian black metal band from Bergen, formed in 1992. The band released six full-length albums released by Metal Blade Records to date and a variety of mini-albums, EPs and special releases. Ancient