Concerts Amorphis & Soilwork + Jinjer & Nailed To Obscurity @Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland

January 20th 2019 – the first cold day in Kraków since very long time. But the coldnes does not scared fans of good metal sounds. One hour before the door

Concerts South Park 2018 Tampere, Finland

Finland is most likely one of the best country for a metalhead to spend summer in. We literally have festivals that at least feature some metal every weekend + all

Interviews Interview of Tomi Koivusaari (Amorphis/Abhorrence)

Tero Tolkki conducted an audio interview with Tomi Koivusaari of Amorphis and Abhorrence and we had a chance to catch up the latest on Amorphis camp as they had just

Albums Queen Of Time

1. The Bee 05:30 2. Message in the Amber 06:44 3. Daughter of Hate 06:20 4. The Golden Oak 06:22 5. Wrong Direction 05:09 6. Heart of the Giant 06:32

Reviews Amorphis – ‘Queen Of Time’

Just when you thought AMORPHIS couldn’t get any more progressive after their previous album ‘Under The Red Cloud’, the ‘QUEEN OF TIME’ comes out to sting you in the face!

Albums Under the Red Cloud

1. Under the Red Cloud 2. The Four Wise Ones 3. Bad Blood 4. The Skull 5. Death of a King 6. Sacrifice 7. Dark Path 8. Enemy at the

Albums Circle

1. Shades of Gray 2. Mission 3. The Wanderer 4. Narrow Path 5. Hopeless Days 6. Nightbird’s Song 7. Into the Abyss 8. Enchanted by the Moon 9. A New

Albums The Beginning of Times

1. Battle for Light 2. Mermaid 3. My Enemy 4. You I Need 5. Song of the Sage 6. Three Words 7. Reformation 8. Soothsayer 9. On a Stranded Shore

Albums Skyforger

1. Sampo 2. Silver Bride 3. From the Heaven of My Heart 4. Sky Is Mine 5. Majestic Beast 6. My Sun 7. Highest Star 8. Skyforger 9. Course of

Albums Silent Waters

1. Weaving the Incantation 2. A Servant 3. Silent Waters 4. Towards and Against 5. I of Crimson Blood 6. Her Alone 7. Enigma 8. Shaman 9. The White Swan

Albums Eclipse

1. Two Moons 2. House of Sleep 3. Leaves Scar 4. Born from Fire 5. Under a Soil and Black Stone 6. Perkele (The God of Fire) 7. The Smoke

Albums Far from the Sun

Far from the Sun is the title of the sixth studio album by Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis. It was the first album to feature drummer Jan Rechberger since 1994’s Tales from the Thousand Lakes, replacing Pekka Kasari

Albums Am Universum

1. Alone 2. Goddess (of the Sad Man) 3. The Night Is Over 4. Shatters Within 5. Crimson Wave 6. Drifting Memories 7. Forever More 8. Veil of Sin 9.

Albums Tuonela

1. The Way 2. Morning Star 3. Nightfall 4. Tuonela 5. Greed 6. Divinity 7. Shining 8. Withered 9. Rusty Moon 10. Summer’s End Tuonela is the fourth full-length album by Finnish band Amorphis. The album

Albums Elegy

1. Better Unborn 2. Against Widows 3. The Orphan 4. On Rich and Poor 5. My Kantele 6. Cares 7. Song of the Troubled One 8. Weeper on the Shore

Albums Tales from the Thousand Lakes

1. Thousand Lakes (instrumental) 2. Into Hiding 3. The Castaway 4. First Doom 5. Black Winter Day 6. Drowned Maid 7. In the Beginning 8. Forgotten Sunrise 9. To Father’s

Albums The Karelian Isthmus

1. Karelia 2. The Gathering 3. Grail’s Mysteries 4. Warriors Trial 5. Black Embrace 6. Exile of the Sons of Uisliu 7. The Lost Name of God 8. The Pilgrimage

Artist Amorphis

Founded 1990 in Helsinki, AMORPHIS have worked their way to the apex of the European metal scene and won international renown. The band’s name, derived from “amorphous” (no determinate form