Albums In Sequence

“In Sequence” is the seventh album of Finnish metal band AMORAL. It became the last album of the band, since they disbanded in 2017. The band started the pre-production in

Albums Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows

“Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows” is the sixth album by Finnish heavy metal band AMORAL. It was released by Imperial Cassette in Finland 14.02.2104. In Europe it was published by

Albums Beneath

“Beneath” is the fifth album by Finnish heavy metal band AMORAL. The Japanese edition was out on 19 October 2011 via Marquee/Avalon, before the European edition which was released 26

Albums Show Your Colors

“Show Your Colors” is the fourth studio album by Finnish metal band AMORAL. It was released by Spinefarm Records on May 6, 2009. AMORAL‘s fourth studio album was announced in

Albums Reptile Ride

“Reptile Ride” is the title of AMORAL‘s third album which was released in Japan on August 10, 2007 and on August 15, 2007 in the rest of the world. The

Albums Decrowning

“Decrowning” is the second studio album by Helsinki-based band AMORAL. The album was released in Finland and several other countries in October 2005 and in Japan and the United States

Albums Wound Creations

“Wound Creations” is the first album of the Helsinki-based band AMORAL from 2004. The album was originally released via Rage of Achilles and later via Spikefarm Records, completed with a

Artist Amoral

In 2011, Amoral, bored by the limiting genre definitions offered to them to describe the band’s sound, started calling their music “Classic Rock Of The 21st Century”. Sure, the tongues