Albums Helix

Helix is the fifth studio album by the Swedish-Danish heavy metal band Amaranthe. It is also the first album featuring the band’s new clean male vocalist Nils Molin (Dynazty), since the departure of the

Albums Maximalism

1. Maximize 2. Boomerang 3. That Song 4. 21 5. On the Rocks 6. Limitless 7. Fury 8. Faster 9. Break Down and Cry 10. Supersonic 11. Fireball 12. Endlessly

Albums Massive Addictive

Massive Addictive is the third studio album by the Swedish/Danish metal band Amaranthe. It is also the first album with Henrik Englund (Scarpoint) on harsh vocals, replacing former growling vocalist Andreas “Andy” Solveström, who

Albums The Nexus

The Nexus is the second album by the Swedish/Danish metalcore band Amaranthe. The album was released on varying dates in March 2013, starting on the 13th in Japan and concluding on the 26th in

Albums Amaranthe

Amaranthe is the debut album by the Swedish band Amaranthe. The album was released April 13, 2011 (iTunes release: April 11, 2011) and reached No. 35 on Swedish and No. 16 on the

Artist Amaranthe

AMARANTHE have carved their name into the annals of metal in capital letters. According to some sources “melodic death metal” and somewhere else pegged as “metalcore” Amaranthe keeps driving genre