Staff albums 2019

Year 2019 dies soon and our Nordic Metal Staff has chosen their TOP-5 albums for this year. Below you can see the Top-5 albums for each Staff member! Tero Tolkki

Albums Fornaldarsagor

FORNALDARSAGOR out 26th of April on Napalm Records Cover painting by Kris Verwimp “The ancient sagas (Fornaldarsagorna) are a saga tree that largely take place in ancient Scandinavia before Iceland

Staff albums 2018

Tero Tolkki AMORPHIS – Queen Of Time TURMION KÄTILÖT – Universal Satan STAM1NA – Taival VERIKALPA – Taistelutahto LORDI – Sexorcism Nikki Katsi AMORPHIS – Queen Of Time RUNEMAGICK – Evoked From Abysmal