Albums Terror of Thousand Faces

1. Intro 2. Halls of Human Tragedy 3. Descent to Eternal Torment 4. Bleeding for Supremacy 5. Suicide, Terrorize 6. I Don’t Care About Your Murder 7. Slain in the

Albums Pure Blood Doom

1. Centuries of Murder 2. Thule 3. Abomination 459 4. Season of the Predator 5. Thingstead 6. Lord of the Red Land 7. Evercursed 8. The Book of the Black

Albums Psychostasia

1. Heroes in Godly Blaze 2. Psychostasia 3. Seance of Shamans 4. The Book of the Worm 5. Thoth (Lord of Holy Words) 6. Mythic Descendant 7. As the Gods

Artist Adramelech

Adramelech formed in 1991 in Loimaa, Finland. Similar to Demilich, Adramelech plays death metal with melodic parts entwined. Despite forming in 1991, the band would not put out their debut album, Psychostasia