Albums Among Ashes and Monoliths

1. My Sorrow 2. Among Ashes and Monoliths 3. Black Waters 4. Grit 5. Her Cold Embrace 6. At the Graves of Giants 7. Dark Chasms 8. The Cavernous Deep

Albums Black

1. Black 2. One Last Sting 3. Tvåenighet 4. When All Is… 5. Send the Ninth Plague 6. To Reclaim What Is Ours 7. Insomnia 8. Blood Heritage 9. Razorblade

Albums Anger, Hate and Fury

1. Erased/Relived 2. Suicidal 3. Where the Strong Live Forever 4. Machine Supreme 5. Paradies 6. Retention of Illusion 7. Thou Shalt Forever Suffer 8. Shrouded Are the Pleasures of

Albums The Plague

1. Dusk… 2. The Truth Is Sold 3. Into the Land of Dreams 4. Mournful Serenade 5. The Return of the Mighty Raven 6. I Will Be Your God 7.

Albums If Emotions Still Burn

1. If Emotions Still Burn 2. The Rain That Falls… 3. Rise Above the Storming Sea 4. Denial (The Way of the Strong) 5. The Battle 6. My Last Journey

Artist Ablaze My Sorrow

SWEDISH RAZOR SHARP DEATH METAL SINCE 1993 Ablaze My Sorrow is a melodic death metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden. The group formed in 1993, released three full-length albums for No Fashion Records through several lineup changes, and