Albums Abhorrence

1. Intro 2. Pestilential Mists 3. Holy Laws of Pain 4. Caught in a Vortex 5. Disintegration of Flesh Abhorrence is an EP by Finnish death metal band Abhorrence. Both releases, Abhorrence and Vulgar Necrolatry are

Albums Vulgar Necrolatry-Demo

1. Intro: the Cult 2. Vulgar Necrolatry 3. Pleasures of Putrid Flesh 4. Devourer of Souls Vulgar Necrolatry is the short, yet brutal demo by Finnish death metal band Abhorrence. As Tomi Koivusaari would

Artist Abhorrence

Abhorrence is a Finnish death metal band originally formed in 1989. Abhorrence was formed in early 1989 by guitarists Tomi Koivusaari (of Violent Solution) and Kalle Mattsson, vocalist Jukka Kolehmainen and bassist Jussi Ahlroth (who had played in a band called Disaster),