Nordic Metal Staff

People working for Nordic Metal are from all around the world. This we did intentionally and we are constantly looking for more helping hands around the world. If you are interested of joining our awesome international team, check this out.

Tero Tolkki

Nordic Metal founder / main developer
Music thrives me in everything. I have dedicated my entire life for music, most of it as a fan but during the past 10+ years as a messenger of Finnish metal through Metal From Finland and now expanding my horizons through Nordic Metal.

Daniel Ramos

I am Daniel Ramos, from San José, Costa Rica. During all my life I’ve been addicted to music and I think my life is based on it. Even though I am a metalhead, I am into a wide variety of genres including non metal genres too, but regarding metal and alike genres, I am more into: progressive and progressive metal, power metal, heavy metal, hard rock, melodic and a lot more. For me music is the most important thing in life. Some other facts of myself include animals, traveling, alcohol, languages and videogames. Stay metal!


“I’m Steelrain, based in Helsinki, Finland. Addicted to Scandinavian and Finnish metal in particular.. my favourite genres: thrash, death, folk, melodic, black. I do love attending live gigs and festivals, my main passion in life! Other various addictions include: Scandinavian culture (Finnish and Norwegian in particular) winter, snow, forests, wolves, Vikings and Norse Mythology, photography, travelling…”


I was 14 when I accidentally met Nightwish. They opened a gate and I entered. After that I was completely lost in a new world. After a short time I got my first instruments and started to play music. Later I studied first as a sound engineer, then as a songwriter. Now I’m working on my own musical projects in my band and as a solo artist as well. Those northern bands gave me a lot, Nordic Metal is a chance to give something back.

Kris Murias

Photo/videographer & editor from rainy northern Spain who loves music more than anything else in life. Writing and spreading the word about metal and rock is my passion and I’ve been doing it for a long time. If my soul could be heard, it would sound like a nordic metal band… so, looks like I’ve found where I belong!

Jule Metalalter

I am Jule, born in the mid-seventies of the last century and I live in Germany. I have started with concert photography nearly ten years ago as a band photographer of a metal band from Cologne, Germany. In 2016 I participated in my first big metal festival in Tampere, Finland. I hope there are more to come! My free time is full of music, mostly in a great range from heavy metal to (melodic) death metal. I thought of listing a Top 10 of my favorite Nordic metal bands here, but that was too difficult because I could not decide which are Top 10 and which are not. Working for Nordic Metal is for me a dream that has come true. Creating such a great database of Nordic metal knowledge with people from all over the world is really amazing!

Justyna Klorek

From heart of Europe to cold Finlnad – all in the name of metal music! Beside listening to metal music and going to concerts my big passion is photography – so I decided to combine these two passions and I started to capture all those unforgettable experiences from live concerts at my photos. Metal for passion not for fashion – all about me in one sentence!

Ilye Keiju

I’m Ilye Keiju, I’m from Mexico City. I love nordic metal music, (specially Finnish rock/metal music). My favorite finnish bands are Apocalyptica, HIM and The 69 eyes. I’m a musician, I play violin and I have a band called Hell-Sin, inspired in finnish metal, also. I love finnish culture since I was young, and I hope to live in Finland someday. I love photography, concerts, composing music, travelling and… cats!


I am Morné Steenkamp, from Johannesburg in dark South Africa. I work as a Web Developer which is perfect because I can always have my headphones on and tuned into Metal. Apart from my big passion for Metal, I also enjoy travelling, etching on all kinds of surfaces and reading quite a lot. Being from turbulent South Africa, my taste in Metal has been shaped a lot by living here. I mainly listen to Black, Death, Gothic and Folk Metal but I am definitely open to exploring more. I hope to be as valuable to the Nordic Metal community as the music has been to me in my life so far.


Originally from a small country of Latvia I’ve been a metal enthusiast since 2007. The first big discovery in Nordic metal for me was, unsurprisingly, Nightwish. This band still takes a special place in my heart. Working as a software developer in real life I enjoy disappearing in a wonderful world where music takes me. Lately I’ve been discovering progressive metal bands and am deeply in love with Circus Maximus and Leprous. Also, Pagan’s Mind is one of the sort I like. The other favourites include Katatonia, Amorphis, Seventh Wonder, Tarja,, Evergrey, Insomnium. For me Nordic Metal is a great project which allows to discover interesting bands and meet people with a similar taste and mindset. Horns up!

Slayanys Maniax

I’m Slayanys Maniax, Los Angeles born but always roaming Finland in spirit. Many centuries ago, a friend lent me a little CD called ‘Wages Of Sin’. My ears burst into a new, unexplored universe I was yearning for but had no idea I’d discover. Time later, I attended my first Metal festival in Europe and never looked back. For the past 10+ years, my time not spent in the photo pit has been spent helping Metal bands promote and sell their music, or building my company, Morbid Rubbish. Music has always been an unconditional part of me and most of the bands that have impacted my life have been Nordic. I enjoy most types of Metal that don’t end in ‘core’ but mostly gravitate towards Nordic bands. I’m ecstatic to be part of the Nordic Metal team and for the opportunity to help support a community that has been invaluable to me.

These are not all, more to come later