Rooms And Shadows

I walked into the room of shadows
And closed the door behind me

Silent walls remind me of my faults
Bleeding paintings of holy colours
Burnt letters and ghosts from the past
Floating through the heavy air
With the ghosts I left behind
Like the ashes I left behind

From the cradle of this life I bleed upon your holiness
The ones I left behind

My heart, withered with time, dead from all this emptiness
The dark I came to find

Blind is the mirror that reflects this art
From poisoned daggers and lies it’s been forged
To carry the weight of devil’s wings
Is less than what I carry inside

When everything vanishes around you
And slowly slips through your fingers
And all you have left is pain
Would you do it again?

Alone in this empty room of shadows
Alone, filled with memories of nothing
Would you do it again? And remain the same?

Albums by Swallow the Sun

Swallow The Sun-New Moon

New Moon / 2009

Swallow The Sun-Hope

Hope / 2007

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