10 Silver Bullets

Burn-marks on my chest so the arrows won’t miss
Surrounded by the cupid of Lucifer
And she, who stands on his left side
With her burning spears
Straight into the heart, my love, straight into the heart

The silver bullets, but I won’t shed a tear for you
Won’t cry for mercy, none from you
They always find you in the shadows
For my heart is a light house of burning flame
Straight into the heart, my love, straight into the heart

Would have followed you down to the depths of hell
And saved you from these flames
Built a bridge over this dark world that we have created

“Blessed be the ones who do not feel
For you the heavens are open
Such is the nature of the heartless”

“And for us who tread in the dark
The road goes on forever
From sunrise to sunset and all through the night”

The serpent’s words, I remember well
And the venom she spat, unholy offering of fire and lust
Was a road straight to hell

Ghosts and owls wrapped around my neck
She led me too far this time
There’s no heaven to help us now, no repeat

Woman is a creator, man is a destroyer, or so I thought
The judgment of our sins fell upon us
From the ivory garden of the gods to the worms of the earth
To the worms of the earth!

Albums by Swallow the Sun

Swallow The Sun-New Moon

New Moon / 2009

Swallow The Sun-Hope

Hope / 2007

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