Call Of The Runes

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Music : Erik Grawsiö and Jonas Almqvist, Lyrics : Jonas Almqvist


Hear me runes

My blood binds my soul to you

Reveal yourself and the secrets of the night and days of nine

Cast them out

Not one, not two, but three I read

Tell me now

Will death or glory be your final will


One for the past

Urd will weave your destiny

One for now

Verdandi twines your present life

One for the future

Will Skuld tear your thread apart

Will I find my way

And never give my enemies some rest


First one is Reid, bringer of order

rune of Thor, protector of your path

Inner strength from Algiz and Dagaz will guide your way


Call, call of the runes

Bring order in my life and lead my way

They’re calling me, my destiny they lead

Forever I am bound to the fate of Norns


Four corners of the Earth I have travelled

On the sea I was one with the stars

Alone and afraid in the face of the world

I cried out to the Gods for my way

And as lightning struck I saw a glimpse

of land and a building with a cross on

And they told me that if we don’t fight

it will be our end

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