Tor hjälpe

Legions Of The North

Music and Lyrics : Jonas Almqvist


Now listen up

The world is at its end

I had a vision

Cold and grey and damned


Do you still believe ?

The stars in your eyes

Has somehow taken its leave


And I still don’t know

The reason why I’m still alive

And I still can’t find

The motivation to go on and…


As we die

Like worms

Crawling blind

In this world of filth (man)


The mountains crumble

The sky is cracked open

A Nordic battle rage

The hammer to the cross

Tor hjälpe !

Cast the serpent out

Our lands are burning

As the flame purifies the North

Albums by Månegarm


Månegarm / 2015


Nattväsen / 2009


Vargstenen / 2007


Dödsfärd / 2003

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