Echoes from the Past

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Legions Of The North

Music and Lyrics : Erik Grawsiö


Thunderstorms roar

In the midnight sky

Like echoes from the past

A silent rain falls from above

As my tears roll down the eye

I remember a time

Not far from now

When all was calm and peace

Then came the storm,

that burning storm

And swept it all away


I remember a time

Not far from now

When I was whole, as one

My strength and pride

The blood of mine

I guarded by my side

I can still hear the sound,

that distant sound

Hooves thundered the ground

Forced to leave my beloveds side

I knew the time had come


In the starlit night

Blood was shed

Drenched the northern ground

I fought, I bled, I died inside

As it all was taken away

Alone I stood

Alone I’ll be


A promise made that night

Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth

A promise made in blood

You shall fall


In the starlit night,

blood was shed all ocer the ground

You fought,

you bled and you died inside

as it all was taken away

Alone you’ll stand, alone you’ll be

Until we’ll meet again

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