Black Rose Withered

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Kiuas - The New Dark Age

Star eyes, you’ve lit the night so many times
have the tears now diminished your light
Star Eyes, something wrong with your soul
have the years started taking their toll

can you still find comfort in the joy and the laughter of past nights
do they quicken you still in the morning after when the magic wears off

Black Rose – where is your heart of stone
maybe the winter for you was too cold
walk home – the night isn’t yours to own
the moment you had now is gone

Black Rose, are you cold
I can offer my pity but not my love, no
Black Rose, when you wither and fade
I’ll be watching you from above

I want you to know that I don’t want to hurt you
I don’t want to make you cry
I don’t really care if you know how it feels
I just want you to choke on your pride

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