Soen to visit Latin America in 2020

The progressive metal supergroup from Sweden, Soen, have confirmed a Latin American tour, set to start on March, 2020. This, after an interview Martín López -former Opeth drummer and ex-Amon Amarth– gave to the site.

When asked if there were plans on visiting Latin America and more specifically, Argentina, he replied:
“Yes, we are going [there] on March, next year. We are going to play in Argentina, Uruguay, México, Chile, Costa Rica, Perú, Colombia and Brasil. It’s going to be our first tour there, it’s something I have never done during my 20 years of career, I have not had the opportunity to play in my land, in Río de La Plata.”

Though the band itself have not published an official statement on this, promoters like the Costa Rican LPG Producciones have basically confirmed this on two Facebook posts.

Now, it’s only a matter of time to get this officially confirmed by Soen, after the band announced there is something big coming soon.



Photo by @alvaro.carlier


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