Santa Cruz presents new guitarist!

Santa Cruz

After unexpected and shocking news that Finnish hard rock band – Santa Cruz decided to cancel their U.S. tour and announced band’s split up, today we heard some news according band’s future. On Santa Cruz‘s official Facebook and Instagram was presented a new band member – Brody DeRozie. According to the announcement, oryginaly from Las Vegas, Nevada – Brody will take the responsibility of Santa Cruz‘s guitarist.

Still, there is no news according who the new guitarist will replace in the band, as both former Santa Cruz members – guitarist Joonas “Johnny” Parkkonen and singer Arttu “Archie” Kuosmanen were playing guitar in the band. There is no official information if the new Santa Cruz lineup will consist of Archie and new musicians or the band’s bass player Mitja “Middy” Toivonen (who theoretically could be a potential singer), guitarist Joonas “Johnny” Parkkonen and drummer Tapani “Taz” Fagerström.

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