ROTTEN SOUND: New EP ‘Suffer To Abuse’

Finnish grindcrushers ROTTEN SOUND will release their new EP, “Suffer To Abuse” (not to be confused with Abuse To Suffer, the band’s previous album), on April 13 via Season Of Mist.

A track from the EP, “Harvester Of Boredom”, can be streamed below.

Vocalist Keijo Niinimaa comments: “Our new track ‘Harvester of Boredom’ is the first song created for this release. Sami‘s riffs and the lyrics are about a drug-related harvesting in not-so-good conditions.

“This has nothing to do with METALLICA — except for the nodding tribute in the title — just in case someone mistakenly thought that we wanted to comment on their efforts.”

The artwork for “Suffer To Abuse” was created by Thomas Boutet at Mush Design:















“Suffer To Abuse” track listing:

01. Privileged (1:25)
02. The Misfit (1:53)
03. Stressed Mess (2:05)
04. Harvester Of Boredom (2:01)
05. One Hit Wonder (1:19)
06. Nutrition (2:23)
07. Slaves Of Lust (0:51)

Total playing time: 9:52


Mika Aalto: Guitar
Sami Latva: Drums
Kristian Toivainen: Bass
Keijo Niinimaa: Vocals

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