Wrathrone – Reflections of Torment

Once again we get assaulted by Finnish brutality – and this time Wrathrone made sure that I feel it into my core. Reflections of Torment will make you realise that the Finnish Death Metal scene is all but dead.

From the first track on the album, Throne, you will definitely know that you are listening to the extreme arts here. The soothing intro releases hell onto you in an instant with incredible riffs, and vocals that gives you goosebumps.

This is followed by my favourite track on the album – End of Your Sanity. They couldn’t have named it anything better. The catchy melody and amazing riffs pushed me to my edge, craving more and more of this incredible music.

Another highlight when it comes to brutality is Gut Goddess. From the first moments that the guitars start howling, you will feel like you are in for a treat, then all of a sudden to vocal attack makes you jump. This, this is what I like in my Death Metal.

Listening to the song, Dead Inside Me, was definitely an experience worth writing over. I honestly did not expect the level of guitar skill and ingenuity with the riffs as I have heard in this track. Very few modern Death Metal bands keep this age old skill like that. This song is perfectly executed. Raw and heavy.

My favourite example when it comes to conveying a feeling of darkness on this album, is most definitely Bloodshroud. The intense drumming and jagged vocals feels absolutely perfect for this slower, more aggressive track. This will have you banging your head in no time.

The album ends of with what I believe is something out of this world. By Dawn They’ll Hang is once again a perfect example of the immense musical skill that all the instruments together clearly show. Not only do the instruments work perfectly together, but the vocals makes sure you that you know what you have just experienced. Death Metal in it’s truest form.

In Conclusion –

Wrathrone proves that Death Metal is alive and well in the cold and morbid northern lands. Reflections of Torment is definitely worth adding to your playlist if you are a cold hard Death Metal maniac. This album sets the mark high for Wrathrone and I am sure their future releases will live up to this standard.

Album Review for Wrathrone's Reflections of Torment, released on April 23rd, 2018
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In recent times I have heard people talking about the Finnish Metal scene being in decline overall – I struggle to believe it. With bands like Wrathrone and solid releases like Reflections of Torment, we definitely have a lot to look forward to. 

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Satanath Records

Track List:

1. Throne
2. End of Your Sanity
3. Gut Goddess
4. Bloodline
5. Dead Inside Me
6. Bloodshroud
7. When All Light Died
8. Through Desolate Passage
9. Last Journey North
10. By Dawn They’ll Hang

Band Members:

Vili Mäkinen – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Lauri Holm – Guitar
Matti Vehmas – Vocals
P. Wärri – Bass
Mikael Ruoho – Drums

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