Wormwood – Nattarvet

Powerful blend of heavy and raw, black metal, heavy metal, folk/pagan, blues and grooves from another era. Wormwood’s second full length album Nattarvet not only combines a handful of musical genres flawlessly, it also brings together sounds and themes spanning decades of time (both musically and lyrically). Through it all, the vocals bend and twist to cater to the story being told, and provide the listener with an intricate depth of emotion and atmosphere. Not only are there a variety of vocal styles (including guest vocals), three different languages can be heard through out the album…but even if you don’t understand one language or another, the passion and intensity in the vocals along with the music paint a vivid picture.

Most of the songs have intros that are completely different from one another. From pure folk and nature soundscapes that sends you right to a place in time of the past (“I Bottenlös Ävja”) to a more raw, straight forward metal sound reminiscent of Wormwood’s earlier music (“Arctic Lights”) to a light and almost cheery melody  that leads into one of the most melancholic and heavy songs off the album (“The Achromatic Road”). Some songs stick more to a straight forward melodic black metal sound (“Arctic Light”) while others hit all the aforementioned genres in one go (“Ave Lie Och Börda”, “Sunnas Hädanfärd”). The entire album has an incredibly smooth flow, despite the varying sounds and styles, but also has a certain yet unnameable common thread tying it all together.

 Nattarvet is one of the most powerful, atmospheric albums to come this year. The impeccable blend of intense and heavy side by side with majestic and melancholy provides an intricate canvas for the vivid yet desolate narrative of a dark time in Swedish history.

Lyric video for the first single off the album “The Isolationist”

The album will be released through Black Lodge Records on 26.7.2019.

Upcoming Gigs:
Vagos Metal Festival (8-11.8.2019 in Lisbon, Portugal)
Mångarm Open Air (23-25.8.2019 in Norrtälje, Sweden)
Southern DisComfort Metal Festival (13-15.9.2019 in Kristiansand, Norway).

Wormwood's Second Full-Length Album Nattarvet
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 Nattarvet is one of the most powerful, atmospheric albums to come this year. Intense and heavy yet atmospheric and melancholic, the flawless blend of varying genres and sounds provide the perfect canvas for the tales of a tragic time in Sweden’s history.

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