Verikalpa – Taistelutahto

Never have I wanted to raise a beer to the sky more than I did while listening to Verikalpa’s  Taistelutahto. These guys sure know how to set the mood for a party, and this album did not disappoint me in the slightest bit.

The first track on any album is usually what makes the biggest impression on me. For this album it was a great impression with Viimiseen Asti. What immediately caught my attention when I started listening to the album is the fact that the vocals are extremely well put together with the music. It adds a lot of extra flavour to the folk aspects of the music. The combination of all these elements makes for some pretty awesome headbanging and humming along tunes.

Delving a little deeper into the album I came across the gem called Pahan Laulu. The drums bring impending doom and the sinister accordion melody makes the incoming guitars have that extra bit of evil attached to their sound, this, my favourite track on the album, makes my neck itch to headbang some more.

I really enjoy the melodies which carry on through the album. Another good example is Viinapiru. Even though I don’t drink, I really want a beer now just so that I can raise it to the sky and wave it around to the rhythm of this song.

I honestly got sad when I realized that Rautatammi was the last song on the album. It does the album as much justice as the first track did, solidifying the fact that Verikalpa is a force to be reckoned with in the Folk Metal scene.

Not only do I believe that this album will make a brilliant party album, but it definitely gave me great escape from my work. I will be sure to listen to it often.

In Conclusion –

Many people always ask me to recommend them some bands that are similar to Korpiklaani and Finntroll. Well, here is finally an answer. They absolutely deliver on the folk side of it, and their simple and catchy melodies will have you going back listening to it over and over again. This is a must listen.

Their simple and catchy melodies will have you going back listening to it over and over again
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Having a party this weekend? Be sure to add Verikalpa to your playlist!

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  1. Viimiseen Asti
  2. Tyrmä
  3. Neidonryöstäjä
  4. Kuoppajaiset
  5. Pahan Laulu
  6. Verijuhula
  7. Taistelutahto
  8. Viinapiru
  9. Kuoleman Suo
  10. Rautatammi


Inverse Records


Jani Ikonen – Vocals
Sami Knuutinen – Bass
Jussi Sauvola – Keyboards
Aleksi Heiskanen – Drums
Jussi Heikkilä – Guitars
Janne Niva – Guitars

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