The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom

Destroyed by Madness! I am the king of Chaos! What more do you need from Death Metal? The Crown only released this album today, and I already have songs stuck in my head. I seriously can’t get enough of this.

When I started listening to this album, Destroyed by Madness really caught my attention. I repeated it quite a few times, it is just so much fun to listen to and bang your head to.

It did not stop there, We Avenge! Is even better. The riffs are extremely catchy and the dual vocals make this even more brutal. About halfway through the song you will be taken in by one of the best melodies I have heard in recent Death Metal. And not even to talk about the solos further on in the song. What a pleasure this is to listen to.

Next up is the title track of the album, Cobra Speed Venom. They nearly fooled me with the slow-paced intro. I thought I was in for some slow headbanging, but soon everything went down south and it blew my mind. Kudos to the drummer for the excellent drumming in this track.

One of the more sinister tracks on the album to me is World War Machine. This tale of impending doom gave me goose bumps. So much brutality and excellent riffage in one song is enough to satisfy even the hardiest of Metalhead.

On a different note, you will find Where My Grave Shall Stand. The brutality takes a bit of a backseat with this instrumental number on the album, but don’t get me wrong. The melody of the song is soothing and surprisingly dark. It is the perfect introduction to the last song on the album (apart from the bonus tracks) The Sign of the Scythe.

There are three additional bonus tracks on the album – Nemesis Diamond, The Great Dying and Ride the Fire. The Great Dying being my ultimate favourite. Slow and brutal just like I love it.

In Conclusion –

If you’ve been straying from the path of Death Metal, listen to this album by The Crown. It will put you right back on the path of pure brutality with that little bit of Thrashy influence as well. And also – who doesn’t like blast beats?


The Crown definitely ended this week well with the release of their new album.
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The chaotic yet melodic brutality as found in this album, surely made a good impression on me. Cobra Speed Venom is worth listening to.

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Metal Blade Records


  1. Destroyed By Madness
  2. Iron Crown
  3. In the Name of Death
  4. We Avenge!
  5. Cobra Speed Venom
  6. World War Machine
  7. Necrohammer
  8. Rise In Blood
  9. Where My Grave Shall Stand
  10. The Sign of the Scythe
  11. Nemesis Diamond (bonus track)
  12. The Great Dying (bonus track)
  13. Ride the Fire (bonus track)


Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Marko Tervonen – Guitar
Robin Sorqvist – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson – Drums


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