Suotana – Land of the Ending Time

Suotana proves a really important point with their latest offering – the metal underground is alive and well. Land of the Ending Time is a brilliant album with a really innovative and fresh sound.

The album opens with a very melodic intro track called Alku. This is the perfect opener for the first  track on the album to display the band’s full capabilities, Troutrace. This song will definitely give you a good idea of what Suotana is all about. Brilliant musicians playing their instruments like they should – professionally.

The first track that really stands out to me is Sorrowl. Even though this is clearly a form of Death Metal, it kind of gives me the same feeling as Power Metal does. I want to hum along and bang my head to the rhythm of the drums. If that is not enough to call this an amazing song, the guitars break out in this beautiful melody that gave me goosebumps.

My absolute favourite track on the album is most certainly Into the Ice. The song has a very gentle intro, which quickly breaks into this haunting scream. The guitar sound on this track reminds me a lot of another absolutely brilliant Finnish band, Kalmankantaja. With that said, the way that the vocals sound on this track feels a lot like Black Metal and I cannot resist the darkness. The Black Metal feeling fades away in the song, just to bring back the Power Metal feeling with guitar solos that will definitely make you a fan.

And here is our reaction to the song Into The Ice

Thousands of Forests is also pretty incredible. The atmosphere that is created by the song is so typical to what I imagine Finland is like. Grey and haunting forests all around you.. It is more than enough to envoke a really melancholic feeling inside of me.

Another highlight is definitely Wolfchasers. It feels a little bit faster paced than the other songs from the album, and I think it is the perfect place to show just how brilliant the vocals are. I also really enjoyed the drumming in this track. The rhythm just feels so right.

The album closes of with the title track, Land of the Ending time. This is definitely one of the top songs on this album. It is like a final piece of evidence just to show that they know what they are doing – The drumming, the keyboards, the guitars and the vocals melt together into something that you need to listen to to understand. I like this. A lot!

In Conlusion –

To find a band that is truly versatile is not something that is very common. I think that Suotana shows that they can and will do anything and everything that sounds good. From Heavy Metal Screams, to the ever amazing Death Growl – it all works so perfectly for them. They are able to give feelings of Power Metal and Black Metal effortlessly in their music, while still staying true to their Death Metal roots. I highly recommend listening to their previous releases too.

Album Review for Suotana's Land of Ending Time, released on May 25th, 2018
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Continuously releasing music of the highest quality, Suotana shows us once again that they have it in them to make it big. I am definitely a big fan of their music, and I think they need to be heard a lot more – all over the world.

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Track List:

  1. Alku
  2. Troutrace
  3. Sorrowl
  4. Into the Ice
  5. Thousands of Forests
  6. Autumn Awaits
  7. Wolfchasers
  8. Mission Suicide
  9. Land of the Ending

Band Members:

Ville Rautio – Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva – Guitars
Harri Portimo – Bass
Rauli Juopperi – Drums
Tommi Neitola – Keyboards
Tuomo Marttien – Vocals


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