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For Finnish audience Mokoma needs no introductions. They have been in the core of the Finnish metal industry for 2 decades and their latest release “Hengen pitimet” is their 10th album release overall. They are also quite rare considering they have been running the same lineup since 2003 when Janne Hyrkäs took over the drums. Although Mokoma has mainly influenced in Finland their latest album will be released in Japan under Marquee Avalon label. They also had their album release party in Tokyo.

Throughout the years Mokoma has adapted a certain sound which makes them easily recognized. “Hengen pitimet” is no different in that sense. However with this album there are some elements that make them sound even better than before. The riffs are brutal as hell and somehow the album flow is a lot more listener friendly. Mokoma has always been quite open about the themes on their albums for instance their previous album “Elävien kirjoihin” was about the depression of the vocalist Marko Annala and how he got himself back from the dead. And who said writing music or listening music couldn’t be therapeutic? In fact to me it’s one of the best outlets to deal with your emotions.

There is a theme on “Hengen pitimet” as well. This time Mokoma isn’t focusing on a single person but to a society and more in particular to peoples values, coldness, how to draw the line between rationality and emotion. As the album title states it is about the things that keeps us alive, things that makes us human.

It is difficult for me to deside where exactly I would put this album on Mokoma discography. Much like Mokoma writes their songs and albums reflecting what is currently going on in their lives, fans do the same. For me personally when they released their album “Luihin ja ytimiin” back in 2007 I was going through some big changes in my life and this album has such a special place in my heart which I don’t think any Mokoma album could achieve. But I think it deserves a spot in their alltime Top-3 albums. When there are 10 songs and none of them are weaker than the other you can say fuck yeah and just encourage people to take the album and listen it as a whole.

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When there are 10 songs and none of them are weaker than the other you can say fuck yeah and just encourage people to take the album and listen it as a whole.

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Tienraivaaja” which is the album opener deserves a special mention though. From first second on it just moves like a bulldozer with heavy riffs, Annala’s trademark growling which probably left few pieces of his lungs on studio floor again but then you hit the chorus and it’s very melodic. It’s like a chokehold you are kept in and during chorus the choke is loosen a bit…but just a bit until the choke is tightened again. And I say this as a good thing!

Hengen pitimet tracklist:

  1. Tienraivaaja – 3.47
  2. Kepeät mullat – 4.28
  3. Salaisuus – 3.31
  4. Hirtehinen – 4.45
  5. Linnut eivät enää laula – 3.38
  6. Lahja – 4.01
  7. Kesytä perkeleet – 4.21
  8. Tahdon ihmeet takaisin – 3.42
  9. Erhe – 4.26
  10. Pienin kaikista – 5.53

Label: Sakara Records


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