Gluttony – Cult of the Unborn

Usually when I hear a band call themselves Old School Death Metal, I kind of feel like I should just avoid it, because it will probably end up not being that. This was however not the case with Gluttony and their latest offering, Cult of the Unborn.

From the start of the album you’ll hear this dry and raw sound. I cannot get over how much it reminds me of my favourite Swedish Death Metal album of all time – Of Darkness… by Therion.

The first track, Death is Only the Beginning, will make your soul crumble with the absolute intensity and majesty of the voice behind Gluttony. It fuses into the raw sound of the guitars and the expertly executed drumming. I was awestruck to say the least.

Track after track this continues. The second track, Gluttony, opens with what I would say is one of the best screams I have ever heard. This carries on into the music and delivers a song full of tasty riffs and and fast drumming. Trust me, even my neighbours know this after blasting this yesterday.

The best riffs on this album must surely be on Torn from the Grave. I was unable to write this at first, I was taken over by this song. It possessed me for a while before releasing me into a swirl of headbanging.

The title track of the album, Cult of the Unborn, is in my opinion the best on this album. The guitars carry this strong melody into an absolute brutal vocal attack. This makes everything feel extremely dark and heavy, staying true to the raw beauty of Death Metal.

Another favourite of mine is Chalice of Maggots. It’s simplicity makes it so catchy. I found myself humming along with the riffs a lot of the time. I can go on raving about the rest of the tracks too, they are all extremely brilliant, but I think you should give it a listen too.

In Conclusion –

There’s nothing like pure and raw Death Metal. Gluttony is a band to keep your eyes on. If this album is anything to go on, I cannot wait for their future releases.

Album Review for Gluttony's Cult of the Unborn, released on the 7th of April 2018
  • Nordic Metal Review


This is the stuff legends are made of. It’s rough, it’s raw and it’s brutal – that’s all you need out of Death Metal.

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Track List:

  1. Death Is Only the Beginning
  2. Gluttony
  3. Torn from the Grave
  4. Church of Rot
  5. Cult of the Unborn
  6. Chalice of Maggots
  7. Bane of the Carrion Lord
  8. Divine Dismemberment
  9. The Casket Master


Anders Härén – Guitars
John Henriksson – Drums
Max Bergman – Bass
Magnus Ödling – Vocals

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