Cvlt Ov the Svn – An introduction to “occult murder pop”

If you perform evil deeds, you end up in evil places.

So, there I was last week during my regular duties at work when I saw one e-mail from a colleague with whom I share music regularly. This e-mail contained a link to a Spotify EP from Cvlt Of the Svn’s “Luna In The Sky Forever“. He said “that’s one of the few things that’s got my attention from modern music.“.

I found this EP catchy since the very beginning of it. They describe themselves as “Occult murder pop. It keeps the listener in a tight grip of anxiety, while embracing one with dark and twisted romantics.
COTS combines black metal, pop and stoner rock with an aggressive touch.” If you ask me, I would probably say they are a mixture between a good Ghost and Lordi, but hey, making comparisons is not so nice sometimes, right?

COTS have released four songs as of now, these are all included in the EP mentioned before.

Luna in the Sky Forever
Whore of Babylon
The Pit
The Murderer

The first song is the most pop-like of them, a good and friendly introduction to listen to the band for the first time. It has a cool video, by the way!

Whore of Babylon starts with a blasting intro and from here on, lyrics will be aggressive and straightforward until the end of the record. Conservative people should not go further this point.
This is where you start noticing how well the songs’ structure is done: Powerful and not-so-complicated riffs, a solid bassline, a fast drum section with easy to follow melodies for the listeners.

The Pit contains my favorite lyrics from the works: “I am a hurricane to your flickering flame“.

This time the sinister video is somewhat repetitive.

Ending with “The Murderer”, probably the most violent lyrics, these guys don’t mince their words at all. A good way to end the EP and a very acceptable first launching for the band.

For certain, the finnish occultists will reach popularity as they have received overall positive reactions from the fans.
If you are looking for something new to listen to, you would probably like to give COTS a try.


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