Cavus – The New Era

What an interesting and fresh take on Black Metal this is. Cavus surely made me hungry for more of their dark and soulful music.

This album starts of with probably the most disturbing intro track I have heard in a long time, it sounds so primitive and downright raw that it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

The intro track is followed by the ever familiar scream that Black Metal needs to be just that, Black Metal. Killtech changes the atmosphere in such a way that the disturbed feeling goes away and goosebumps of pure raw joy sets in. The drumming, the guitars, the vocals – all so incredibly evil sounding.

This album just keeps getting better the further you listen to it. Divine Power is a clear example of this. The haunting howl over the chaotic drumming sets the mood just right. I always keep in mind that Black Metal is the art form that goes against everything human, and this reminds me of that. As the song progresses, the riffs turn into what feels like the destruction of mankind – and it feels right.

The next track is my favourite on the entire album, I Watch You Die. Again the chaotic drumming opens the track, which at its end reveals the perfect melody. Combined with the vocals, this just leaves me without words. And the best part is that in the middle of the song there is a moment where it seems like the tempo will slow down a little bit. But no. It is just to make space for the chaos to return. This is incredible music.

A highlight on the album is also Calling The Flames. The riffs in this song is not what I expected it to be at all judging by the earlier tracks, and it stands out immensely. This makes me want to bang my head.

If you are looking for something with a touch brutality, The Strength of Hatred is what you need to listen to. This slower tempo adds fuel to this display of heaviness and will also let you realize that the song is perfectly named.

The album comes to an end with two songs that I think work amazingly together to close off the album. Cavus’ ingenuity is so clear in this. This album deserves to be played at all your Metal parties.

In Conlusion –

Cavus breaks free from conventional Black Metal with their creativity, but they still stay true to what Black Metal stands for. No matter which song on this album you listen to, the darkness will be there listening to it with you. This album opens my mind to a new way of thinking about Black Metal, and I like it.

Album Review for Cavus' The New Era, Released on April 11th 2018
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Cavus definitely made a new follower with this album. Even though this is only their second album, I can see them releasing many more. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for their future releases.

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Satanath Records

Track List:

  1. The New Era
  2. Killtech
  3. Divine Power
  4. I Watch You Die
  5. Morphine
  6. Calling the Flames
  7. The Strength of Hatred
  8. Presence of Existence
  9. Come To Me Shadows
  10. There Will Be Blood

Band Members:

B.P – Vocals
J.K – Guitar
A.R.G. – Bass
T.T.T. – Drums
H – Guitar

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