Cauldron of Hate – Sickness

It’s high time that we get a band like Cauldron of Hate, feeding us with something so vile and dark. Sickness surely is an album to rival even the greatest of releases in it’s class.

The album starts of with Unholy Rapture, a sheer assault of brutality. From the very beginning, the angle of attack is clear; spread darkness with superior riffs and exceptional drumming – topping it off with vocals that can take you into another realm. Is this a result of the deathly Finnish winter or is it pure and unfiltered evil?

Second on the album must be my favourite track, Amongst the Godless and the Heretics. I was unsure of what hit me when I started listening to this. What an incredible display of skill and passion. The riffs and melody on this track is so catchy. No matter how fast and aggressive the drums get, it still overpowers the song in a good way. This is what I like to hear.

Feasting on the Guts of the Virginborn is also a song I will highly recommend. It’s heavy, riff-laden and with absolutely evil and terror-filled lyrics. This is definitely not a song you’d want to listen to on a first-date, but I have a strange inclination to believe that it can set a very romantic mood for us twisted Metalheads out there in the world.

Another pick from the top shelf on this album is the song, Disease. Such an eerie intro, and slow guitaring sets it apart from the rest of the album, things slow down a little bit. But that doesn’t mean it is any less heavy and brutal. This will show you the versatility of Cauldron of Hate. Trust me, this is where the vocals shine the brightest on the entire album. I can listen to this on repeat and enjoy it more every time that I get to hear it.

The album ends of with what at first made me frown, Evoking the Abomination. The riffs are extremely strange, yet exciting. It continues into a brilliant melody and the brutality gets carried through unto the very last second. This is the perfect ending, to a pretty darn amazing album.

In Conclusion –

If you have ever enjoyed Death Metal with melodies and guitar and drumming skills like Nile, and Black Metal with the worst anti-religious and anti-life lyrics, then Cauldron of Hate is for you. The band name is aptly chosen and suites what they are perfectly, this is a boiling cauldron filled with hate and brutality.

Album review for Cauldron of Hate's Sickness, released on February 24th, 2018
  • Nordic Metal Review


Do you need a touch of brutality and evil in your life? This majestic and dark offering to the Metal Gods will be just your cup of tea.

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Kuolema Records

Track List:

  1. Unholy Rapture
  2. Amongst the Godless and the Heretics
  3. Brutal Disfigurement of Flesh and Soul
  4. Feasting on the Guts of the Virginborn
  5. Your Gods Shall Die
  6. Nothing but Flesh and Blood
  7. Satanic Terror
  8. Disease
  9. Abolish the Throne of Gods
  10. The Glorius Sickness
  11. Evoking the Abomination


Kemisti – Drums
Matti “Murder” Santavuori – Vocals and Bass
Tommi Kannosto – Guitar
Jaakko “Exhaust” Santavuori  – Vocals and Guitar


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