Avertia – Hundre og Helvete

Once again Avertia proves that the Norwegians are born with Black Metal in their blood. I am personally not a big fan of modern Black Metal, but we do get some diamonds in the rough at times – this is the case with the Hundre og Helvete. The simple melodies and darkness contained in this album, will definitely make your heart beat a little blacker.

Many Trve Cvlt Black Metal fans tend to require the heavily distorted and badly produced sound that Black Metal has gotten known for in it’s infancy stage. Even though I agree with that at times, you do get bands like Avertia, with a sound more similar to classic Heavy Metal, with guitar solos in harmony and distorted yet clear sounding guitars that spread the darkness just as well.

With that in mind, I found a lot of pleasure in listening to this album. The pure musical genius in the intro track, Steinblod, cannot be compared to anything I have listened to before. The simplicity of this instrumental is what stands out here and it will ease you into this album.

When you reach the second track, Den Rustne Porten, you might think that it will be a relaxing experience once more, but soon the vocals will assault your senses and take you into the abyss of sorrow. These guys sure know how to pluck on the strings of your soul.

Next up is my favourite track on the album, Trollmannen. When I first heard this track randomly playing on Youtube, I was so excited by discovering this band. It makes me think of Kampfar’s masterpiece album, Heimgang. This says a lot about this band, because I would definitely say that Heimgang is one of my top 3 Black Metal albums of all time. Trollmannen is definitely the track on this album that will make me listen to it over and over again.

This album deserves a lot more praise, as you listen to it further you will definitely find yourself tapping your foot to Trollraid. Where to even begin telling you about it, the amazing riffs, the awesome vocals. It just works for me.

The album closes with a beautifully soothing and at the same time sorrow-laden song called Fremmed Krig. Sitting in the office with my headphones set to full-blast, this was the perfect way to end the album.

In conclusion –

All that I can truly advise is that you go and listen to this album. It might not be your typical cup of tea, but Avertia definitely deserves respect and recognition in the Black Metal scene. I love this album and it will definitely stay in my playlist for the coming months.

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Being a big supporter of Black Metal, albums like this excite me. The classic formula of simple riffs and expertly executed vocals makes this a brilliant release.

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Vrak Records

1. Steinblod
2. Den Rustne Porten
3. Trollmannen
4. Ekte Kunst
5. Hundre og Helvete
6. Trollride
7. Hærverk på Hjertet
8. Fremmed Krig


Kristoffer Georg – Vocals and guitars
Anders – Drums
Alexander – Bass

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