OCEANHOARSE Releases Video For “Death Row Center”

Helsinki-based heavy metallers OCEANHOARSE have launched the official music video for their latest single “Death Row Center”. The track, which was released last month, is the band’s first recording with new singer Joonas Kosonen.

Watch the video, directed by Jony Karlsson, here:

On the song, guitarist Ben Varon said:

“Although grievance, oppression and agitators have always existed, it’s just grotesque how nowadays these themes are becoming clearer and more visible to the public eye yet they are still untouchable, so the status-quo stays.

The title is a reference to the term “front row center”, meaning the best seats of the house. In short, we are all destined to sit in the front row to witness the train wrecks happening around us.”

Listen to “Death Row Center” on Spotify!

Oceanhoarse - Death Row Center