OCEANHOARSE Release New Single ‘The Intruder’!

Oceanhoarse delivers a dose of grimness with its 4th single to balance the summer heat. The violent new song ‘The Intruder‘ presents yet another side of this Helsinki-based heavy metal quartet.


“The Intruder is a favorite amongst the band”, says guitarist Ben Varon. “It’s been our opening song at our recent shows to help set the mood of the evening from the get-go. It’s nasty, it’s dangerous, it’s fast and yet melodic enough for you to sing along!”

If ‘The Intruder‘ is not the cheeriest tune to begin with, the lyrics sure don’t help in that department.

“Basically it’s about battling cancer. This fucking disease seems to hit close to home for everybody sooner or later, and it’s pure hell to witness someone close to you come to grips with the doctor’s diagnose. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be the one that the news are being told to personally. The lyrics for ‘The Intruder‘ were inspired by one recent event of the sort. Unfortunately, I think many people will be able to relate to the song.”

Listen to ‘The Intruder‘ on Spotify now!

Also available on most digital music platforms.

Cover artwork by Dean Clayton


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