NORDIC METAL Is Looking For Some Helping Hands!

Nordic Metal is looking for some passionate individuals to join our tightly-nit global team! Do you enjoy going to shows, have some time to spare, or are looking to build up your portfolio? Keep reading and see where you fall!

The following positions explain the type of skills we are looking for. Aspiring participants should fit into one or more of the below categories. We don’t ask for much but for all the positions, fluency in the English language is imperative! Our team is based globally and this is the only language we use to communicate among ourselves. With that said, we our looking for individuals from all over the globe and there is no limit on candidates we are looking for in any specific region. Everyone is welcome!

Other than that, any requirements individual to each position are listed in each description below.

The writing position is perfect for those who have great writing skills and are professional or aspiring writers! For this position, we will need people who are comfortable with writing album reviews, news pieces, and concert reviews (if applicable). Creation of original content for the website will be necessary!

Requirements for Writers: For this position, no equipment is needed other than a computer and fluency in English. Availability of at least 1-2 hours per week would be preferred.

Compensation for Writers: Writers for Nordic Metal will perfect their writing skills and build up their portfolio! There will also be opportunities to attend concerts/festivals for those interested in writing concert reviews.

This position goes hand in hand with the writing position (see above) and the journalist position (see below) and focuses on concert reviews with photo galleries and/or videos. Interviews can also be part of this. This position can also be combined with the writing and/or journalism position if the aspiring candidate can do it all! Perfect for those in visual arts fields!

Requirements for Photographers/Videographers/Photojournalists: For this position, individuals need their own professional equipment: DSLR camera, professional grade video camera, audio recorder, etc. Submitted works MUST be of professional quality. No previous experience necessary, but it is definitely a plus! Availability of at least 1-2 shows/festivals per season is preferred.

Compensation for Photographers/Videographers/Photojournalists: Photographers/Videographers/Photojournalists for Nordic Metal will have opportunities to attend shows and take photos/videos from the photo pit (how fun!) and will gain experience in the visual arts field, documenting live events, post production, and will aid in having a killer portfolio when it’s all said and done!

The journalist position also goes well with the above two but focuses more on interviewing artists and documenting. For this position, individuals will be responsible on doing prior research on the interviewee along with preparing their questions before the interview and showing up promptly at the coordinated date/time/location. Journalists will also need to put their material together after the interview. In this case, video interviews are the #1 preference, though audio or written interviews can be accepted under some circumstances.

Requirements for Journalists: Great writing, research, and interview skills. Journalists will not be required to be on camera but great personalities and on camera charisma are definitely big pluses, though not required. Individuals will need the necessary equipment to conduct and document the interview themselves (see Photographers/Videographers/Photojournalists position above) or at least access to someone who can help. Availability of at least 1-2 shows/festivals per season is preferred.

Compensation for Journalists: This will be an amazing opportunity for anyone seeking to become a journalist, entertainment personality, or get into fields of public speaking, who want to have something really cool on their CV and gain experience. This position will also grant opportunities of getting into shows/festivals and the chance to actually MEET the artist and ask them what YOU want!

Website Maintenance
The position for website maintenance is for those who don’t have a lot of time but would still love to help out! For this position, there are no requirements other than passion for Nordic metal music and the ability to get along well with a bunch of crazy metalheads from all over the globe. The duties for this position are not set in stone and will come along as they’re needed. Availability of at least 1-2 hours per week would be awesome!

**Please note that the individual will be responsible for any costs that come up with the attendance of concerts/festivals, such as transportation, accommodation, etc. Aside from entry, Nordic Metal cannot grant any reimbursements at this time nor or be responsible of any liability should anything occur during these events. If approved, you will receive entry to the show and you’ll get to have fun!**

If you fit any of the criteria above, please feel free to apply for ONE OR MORE of the positions listed above by sending your résumé/CV, a brief cover letter, portfolio and/or writing samples (where applicable) to: info [at] nordicmetal [dot] net.

We look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to tell your friends!


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