A well known figure in the South African Black Metal scene and the mastermind behind the project Shrine ov Belial, Thronumgoroth Diabolus Antikristus, recently announced the inception of a compilation album – Wounded Beyond the Flesh.

This compilation will be featuring Norwegian Black Metal project Trasig and Swedish/South African Black Metal project Die Skemer.

Wounded Beyond the Flesh
Wounded Beyond the Flesh

Thronumgoroth Diabolus Antikristus had the following to say about the release of the compilation:

Wounded Beyond the Flesh was compiled with the intention of spanning across the world and the various sub genres of black metal.

It was assembled with the intention of bringing to the spot light, some of the unrecognized talent that lay hidden within certain countries and the very sub genre of black metal.

When I first imagined the album, it served to, in some way, marry all of the various styles of black metal in one fluid tape that would span from continents and influence. I believe it is a culmination of years worth of work, playing live, networking, making friends and continuously refining my ability to express myself through music.

Regarding the inpiration for the compilation he said the following:

For the last 10 years, I’ve answered primarily to my musical calling and it so happens that my music of choice is black metal. I’ve spent many years playing in many bands, simply because I just love black metal. And with any art or craft, there has to come a time where the work must be shared because we all perceive and understand music and art differently and sharing it with others. In this case fellow black metal musicians, offers both insight and beautiful learning experiences.

The album was inspired by the very idea of bands agreeing to come on board and share their songs with me – this is something I hold in high regard because through my journey in life and music, I’ve learnt that experience often is the best teacher and because this is true, I needed to open new levels of experience that would help grow me as both a musician and an individual.

We also asked him how it happened that Nordic musicians were chosen to feature on this compilation:

Wounded began with just Goatswarth and Shrine, we later decided that some of the best and oldest black metal comes from Sweden and Norway, so, we decided to include musicians from those countries – people who would add not only another place on the map but people that would add significant aesthetic and diverse atmosphere to the album.

Fortunately, I’ve jammed with most the members of Die Skemer and when I approached them to participate in the album, they agreed. After that, I got in touch with Trasig, whose only member was in South Africa for some time. Coming back to familiar territory, I got in touch with Sands in Darkness and once I had the go ahead, I assembled my infallible line up.

The compilation is scheduled to be released in July 2018 through Trasig Records and will available across all the major online music platforms, including Spotify and Bandcamp.

Check the featured artists out here:

Shrine of Belial

Sands in Darkness


Die Skemer


Odium Aeterna

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