NIGHTWISH – release third “Decades” trailer!

Today, the band releases their third trailer, in which mastermind Tuomas Holopainen explains why he would never re-record his old songs, but instead remastered the versions for »Decades« to surprise the fans. Watch it below

Tuomas commented: “The »Decades« compilation features all original versions of the NIGHTWISH songs, it never even crossed our minds that we would go and re-record them. They’re perfect as they are, they should be respected like they are with the original singers. The way we picked the songs for this compilation was, I just wanted to give the best possible overall picture of what this band has been about for the past 22 years. It’s not a best-of, at least not for me, it’s more like the most essential ones.”

The pre-order for »Decades« has already started.
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Nightwish - Decades


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