LORDI To Record First Official Live DVD In Switzerland

Long-awaited news for the monster maniacs! Finnish well-known creatures LORDI just announced the recording of a live DVD next month in Pratteln, Switzerland. The band is currently in the midst of their European Tour supporting their latest album Sexorcism, which was released on May 25th via AFM Records.

The monsters said:

“Official LORDI live DVD shoot in Pratteln Z7 on November 23rd! We are more than happy to finally answer to the question, when is LORDI gonna do a full concert DVD. Now we are. We will perform a full long set, which will be a lot longer than our usual performances, with a lot of gadgets and tricks and shit. Z7 is the venue this band has performed the most in these past 15 years, so it is suitable we will film our first REAL band approved live recording right there.

It’s a special show for us, and we would wish, that as many of you die-hard fans as possible could be there to ensure, that this DVD would have it’s awesomeness level to the maximum.

If you wanna be part of this Lordistorical event and it’s documentation, you just try to get your ass over there! Questions? Don’t ask. Just be there or be SquarePants.”

Supporting bands will be Swiss dark rockers Silver Dust and Swedish newcomers Follow The Cipher. Tickets and more info can be found at lordi.fi/tour.

Lordi 2018 Tour - Pratteln

Upcoming shows:

21.10 UK – London – Garage
22.10 UK – Corporation Sheffield
25.10 D – Aschaffenburg
26.10 D – Burglengenfeld
27.10 D – Memmingen
28.10 D – Nürnberg
29.10 D – München
31.10 AUT – Graz
01.11 AUT – Klagenfurt
02.11 AUT – Micheldorf
03.11 CH – Krempel Buchs
04.11 D – Heidelberg
06.11 SK – Bratislava
08.11 CZ – Prague
09.11 CZ – Zlín
10.11 CZ – Ostrava
11.11 CZ – Pardubice
14.11 HU – Budapest
15.11 D – Dresden – Tante Ju
16.11 D – Leipzig
18.11 D – Ludwigsburg
19.11 D – Kassel – 130 bpm
21.11 D – Köln
22.11 D – Bochum
23.11 CH – Pratteln
24.11 IT – Revolver San Donà Di Piave
25.11 IT – Zona Roveri Music Factory Bologna
13.12 RU – Saint Petersburg – Zal
15.12 RU – Moscow – Station Hall
28.12 FI – Tavastia Hki

Vip Upgrades are available here.

(PLEASE NOTE: Concert ticket is NOT included, and you’ll need this alongside your VIP Upgrade!)

Statement from Mr Lordi:

“Over the years, we’ve met quite a few fans, and we’ve taken shit loads of photos. But still, we kept hearing increasingly that there are people who’ve never met us, let alone had their picture with our pretty faces. Well, we can and will change that. You can meet us and have your picture with us, without stressing out or standing outside the venue at 6 am in the rain. We also throw in some sweet-ass goodies, depending on what you like. One thing needs to be addressed here though; this does NOT mean that if you meet us outside the VIP thingy, we would start acting cocky and wouldn’t sign cd’s and shit. Nope. This is for those people who wanna have a guaranteed md a little chat with us in an organized way. And some merch you cannot buy from the merch stand. All good? Fine. Yay! Come meet us and we can save the planet together. Or probably not, but at least you shall have your photo.”