AMEN-RA’S DYNASTY: LORDI’s Guitarist Amen Unleashes First Solo Single

LORDI‘s guitarist Mr. Amen released today the first taste of his solo project AMEN-RA’S DYNASTY. The two-track single “Stone and Stars” is available now in all digital platforms and will also be released on vinyl.

“This solo thing is something that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. For whatever reason, I just never got it moving until now. I believe I came up with the title ‘Stone and Stars’ about 15 years ago!”, says the mummy himself.

The final push to act upon his solo material came a few years ago, while doing guitar clinics.

“I felt inspired by the clinics, and started thinking that I could maybe offer the attendees something extra. And so I finally rolled up my sleeves and started working on this project. This is the first song to see the light of day as my solo material, but by no means the last. AMEN-RA’S DYNASTY is here to stay.”

And as to why the guitarist’s name has been lengthened from just Amen into Amen-Ra, there’s a good reason for it.

“There’s so many artists operating under the name Amen, I didn’t see it as a practical move on my part. To me, AMEN-RA’S DYNASTY means family: the guys I play with, and those who listen to my music. It was especially rewarding to get to play with people dear to me, like my brother Pexi and SHIRAZ LANE drummer Ana Willman.”

Guitar clinic dates:

26 Oct. – Courrendlin, Switzerland
31 Oct. – Telfs In Tirol, Austria (In collaboration with the Rock and More Musikschule)
1 Nov. – Trübbach, Switzerland
2 Nov. – Selb, Germany
8 Nov. – Treviso, Italy
9 Nov. – Carouge, Switzerland
12 Nov. – Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
13 Nov. – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
14 Nov. –  Glasgow, United Kingdom


Amen-Ra – guitars, backing vocals
Pexi – lead & backing vocals
Mr. Whorus – bass
Ana Willman – drums

Keys on “Amen’s Lament To Ra II” by Tapani Haavisto.
Backing vocals on “Stone and Stars” by Nalle.

More info:
Amen-Ra's Dynasty - Stone And Stars