The 69 Eyes @ Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City – April 21, 2018

Lunario is a small stage next to the Auditorio Nacional, where the most important artists perform in Mexico City.
Located in the west of the city, surrounded of important and expensive hotels, and close to the Forest of Chapultepec, is a place where people of any age can enjoy concerts of any genre of music and theatre plays.

The fans arrived to the place early in the morning, regardless of the hot weather and the rain; they kept queuing in expectation and excitement for the hour when the venue would open its doors.

The place was full of screaming and excited fans that were anxious to see their favorite band on stage.
The concert started with two Mexican bands. The first one called ‘Las Gorgonas’ a Death Rock band who gave us an interesting show, the people was impressed and some of them were singing their most popular songs.

The second band called ‘Luto’ is a popular Rock/Metal Gothic band in the country with 13 years of experience and their first album was released in 2014. Full of energy on the stage made the people sing and scream for more. They made a great work preparing the stage for The 69 Eyes.

The last lime The 69 Eyes visited Mexico was in 2010, and after they cancelled a show in 2015, the people were very excited and expecting an unforgettable night, and certainly they fulfilled those expectations. Finally, at 9 o’clock with the characteristic Finnish punctuality, The 69 Eyes appeared on the stage. Starting with the song ‘Devils’ the people were going crazy screaming and singing euphorically every song they played.

After playing a few songs, Jyrki69 the lead vocalist of the band went down of the stage twice, the first one to give a handshake to their fans and the second one to stand in front of the crowd and sing while everyone went crazy trying to reach him and hug him; He even threw his shirt to the people in the middle of the show.

The excitement grew with every song they played, the people were singing so loud that in several occasions Jyrki stopped singing and held the microphone above the audience to make them sing even louder. Archzie, Timo Timo and Bazie were also interacting with the fans pointing at them and making visual contact with some fortunate ones. Jussi69 decided to throw his drumsticks in the middle of the show.

After they played ‘Brandon Lee‘, the crowd was really excited and sweaty but the band needed a rest to reload energy.

Framed in Blood’ was the song the Helsinki Vampires played to go back to the stage, and with ‘Gothic Girl’ and ‘Lost Boys’ they closed the concert, leaving an excited and satisficed audience, who sang and screamed until the end when they finally went out of the stage not before saying goodbye and promising to come back to Mexico sooner than the last time.

The Helsinki Vampires, making us wish they fulfilled their promise and return to Mexico soon, offered a wonderful, electrifying and definitely unforgettable night.


    • Devils
    • Jet Fighter Plane
    • Perfect Skin
    • Betty Blue
    • Tonight
    • Sister of Charity
    • Dance d’Amour
    • Feel Berlin
    • Stolen Season
    • Dead Girls Are Easy
    • Wasting the Dawn
    • Dolce Vita
    • The Chair
    • Never Say Die
    • Brandon Lee
    • Framed in Blood
    • Lost Boys


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