Rockfest 2018 has started – daily report No. 1

06th of June, 2018 in Hyvinkää, Finland. On time, exactly 4pm the doors opened for the second Rockfest.

Some problems with the cashless bracelets at the entrance were no great problem for the festival start – everyone got in and so did we.

Timo Rautiainen ja Trio Niskalaukaus were the first band on stage and they had a hard job to do. When they started the place in front of the stage was nearly empty. It took about two songs to nearly fill the Radio Rock stage area. The crowd was getting warmer and lost their shyness.

The style of the band can be described as simple, but therefor more powerful and direct. It was fun to see this unit of a band on stage!

The weather instead was not on the side of Rockfest. A rain shower nearly stopped all outside activities. Good for Kilpi, bad for everyone who wanted to get some food. The tent at the food area was soon overfilled. But the Rockfest Burger is a must have! Trust me!

After this break, the rain stopped his daywork, we were ready for new work, Stone Sour were calling. They were a blast. With pyros and confetti gun  it was also the show that was amazing. Corey Taylor also managed to convince with slower parts, but also unpacked parts like known by Slipknot.

Normally we wanted to go to Perkele stage to see Bullet for my Valentine, but three guys of today’s first band crossed our plans. Luck for us, we got an interview with them!

Then it was time for the Prince of Darkness – Ozzy Osbourne entered the stage and the crowd was thrilled. It was a pitty that the photo pit was closed, and just at the sides was a bit more space left, but via two screens everythings captured the video camera of Rockfest everyone could see the show.

You have to imagine that this guy is nearly seventy years old. Okay – he got his breaks to rebuilt, while Zakk Wylde played one longer and really crazy solo.

In summon it was a great day at Rockfest 2018 in Hyvinkää.

A link with more pictures will be added later!

So stay tuned and rock on – we will report more during the next days! And do not forget to visit our Facebook page, maybe you will see some live videos sent directly from the festival (as long as the internet connection will not break down).

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