Rockfest 2018 – Daily report No. 4

Day 4 – last day of on amazing festival in Finland.

The day started with bright sunshine and it wasn’t as cold as the last days.

The first band for me was Stam1na on the Radio Rock stage. They were great as ever! It is fun watching them and the music is incredible, also if you do not understand Finnish. At the last song the vocalist ran off the stage into the circle pit and got lost. The others on the stage just ended the song and the gig was over. Later the day I saw him again, so nobody gets lost on the Rockfest!

On the Kivi Stage Pää Kii were the next. Kind of punk rock / metal, I never heard them before, but they were good.

Brother Firetribe, a band that I have seen before in Cologne, started at 5pm on the Perkele Stage. They are also good, but it is not my kind of music, I am sorry.

The band to come next on the Radio Rock stage was Amaranthe. First time to see them for me, I just heard one or two songs before. Three vocalists on the stage, that’s unusual. But it works. For me the parts with growls and clear male vocals are the preferred ones, but that is everyone’s own taste.

CKY on the Kivi Stage with the brother of Jackass Bam Magera at the drums were next, an alternative metal band from USA.

Kotiteollisuus on Perkele stage made the tent overfull. There was no more space inside, it was an amazing feeling. Pure heavy metal at its best. Nothing more to need!

The following band was Opeth from Sweden. Also one of those bands I’ve heard a lot of, but never seen live yet. First the vocalist made new friends in the audience while talking about icehockey. In my opinion they are not a live band, I missed a bit more action on the stage.

At 10pm it was time for my first highlight of the day, Avatar were next on the Perkele stage. It was a blast! They were controlling the crowd in the tent and on stage they acted as a unit. This gig at Rockfest was also the first appearance on a finnish festival for Avatar ever!

It was so sad that I could not watch them till the end, but I had to go back to the main stage. My second highlight of the complete festival was going to enter the stage.

Avenged Sevenfold were introduced by Back in Black by AC/DC and started then with The Stage. The crowd was singing loudly with them and it was a great party. After Buried Alive there was a short clip seen as a tribute to The Rev, followed by So Far Away. The last song Unholy Confessions was accompanied by fireworks at the end. It was the last appearance on the Radio Rock Stage of this festival.

Two more bands made the day complete. Skindred on Perkele Stage and Normandie on Kivi Stage. For us it was time to leave.

Four days of Rockfest 2018 were over. But stay tuned – a summary is to come also!




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