Rockfest 2018 – Daily report No. 3

Rockfest Day 3 has found it‘s end. It started nearly perfectly, the bright sun was shining, it burned as hell. About 15000 people came to Hyvinkää. Nearly 5000 more than on the other two days.

The Holy opened the third day, followed by Adept.

The first band for me to see was Mokoma. They were expected by the crowd and they did a good job, the audience were swept off their feet.

Amorphis were the next on the Radio Rock Stage – there is nothing more to say. They are amazing, like a brute force, with an awesome sound. With their acting they pulled the crown directly on their side.

Glam metal is normally not mine, but there are a few exceptions. One of it is Reckless Love. It is fun to see them, and how they act on the stage. The vocalist is like a hurricane on stage.

The next band might be a mystery to many people here. It was Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Their style can be described as keep it simple, that will kick ass. Phil Campbell is known as guitar player of Motörhead, who built up a new band composed of two generations after split up of Motörhead due to the death of Lemmy.

It was time for the first headliner of the day. With songs like Countdown to Extinction, Holy Wars and Tornado of Souls Megadeth caught the crowd instantly. I am so sad that I do not have any photos of them to show here, but it was not allowed to shoot some.

One band that I will remember ever is Turmion Kätilöt. The complete band with corpse paint, two vocalists and the Perkele Stage was FULL. No space left here, they made the crowd gone wild! It was an amazing feeling to see that.

Marilyn Manson on the main stage followed them with a big show. Also here only assorted photographers were allowed, but fortunately I made friends here, so that I can show one picture here. Thanks to Alisa of RockShutterz!!!

The last two bands of the day played at the same time and I took S-Tool, what a luck for me! Not only that the music was great, not – for me as a photographer it was the pure luck to have the photo pit just for me! For those who don’t know what or who S-Tool are I can give a very brief introduction: Ville Laihiala (PoisonblackSentenced), Aksu Hanttu (Entwine, Tuoni), Sami Leppikangas (Lullacry) and Kimmo Hiltunen (Lullacry). That should be enough.

In common I would say this a good day 3 of Rockfest 2018. If I had to choose the band of the day, it would be definitely S-Tool followed by Turmion Kätilöt and Amorphis.

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Reckless Love






Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons






Maj Karma






Turmion Kätilöt





Marilyn Manson by RockShutterz










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