Rockfest 2018 – Daily report No. 2
Second day of Rockfest is done. I was told that it was a typical day of Finnish summer. Cloudy, windy and not too warm. Anyway, that is nothing a real metalhead can detain from such a festival.

Short after 5pm the first band for me to see entered the Kivi Stage. Shiraz Lane, a young band we frequently report about.
Although they were early on stage, they elated the crowd with a mixture of new and some old songs.

Afterwards I had the possibility to interview Hannes and Miki – you can hear the interview soon! Just stay tuned!


My favorite band was at 08:30pm on the main stage. Children of Bodom.  What can I say? It was a blast, the crowd had received them euphorically, soon also a circle pit was built.

Was this the best moment of the second day? For me, yes! But could it be topped? Yes! Three more bands on my plan to see.




Sonata Arctica on Perkele Stage was next. With pyros they tuned up the mood of the crowd more and more. It was an incredible atmosphere in the tent.



The main act of the day entered at 10:30pm the stage. Judas Priest, the metal gods themselves, a band founded in 1969(!). Starting with Firepower the crowd in front was not able to stand still. It was incredible to hear the crowd singing all songs.

Later, after a short break, Judas Priest did it again. Rob Halford came back on stage with loud twin motor sound of a chopper introducing Free Wheel Burning. Painkiller and Breaking the Law were played, so all expectations were fulfilled!

Lost Society on Perkele Stage and Klamydia on Kivi Stage were the last acts of the day. If you are in thrash metal, then Lost Society is the best choice. Powerful acting on stage, changing positions all the time it is not only fun to hear, it’s also fun to see those guys on stage.



Pictures will be available soon – so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube Channel! There you can find also audience reactions made during the festivals!


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