Månegarm @ Cernunnos Pagan Fest XI, France 23.02.2019


This weekend I had the chance to go to my first festival of the year, the Cernunnos Pagan Fest at the « Ferme du Buisson » (Noisiel, France).

We are still in February but it’s already 20 degrees, which allows to enjoy the medieval market and entertainment (demonstration of battle, medieval dances, fire show …).


This year there are only two Nordic bands, Månegarm (Sweden) and Finntroll (Finland).

While waiting Månegarm who played from 21:45 to 23:00, I had the pleasure to discover some bands like the Mexicans of Cemican, the Russians of Nytt Land and the Dutch of Baldrs Draumar.


The hour of the last concert arrives and we will finally be able to answer the « question of the day » : “Will they play “Sveablotet” (video) which was released only 24h earlier ?”

And the answer is… NO.

BUT… people of France had the privilege of hearing for the very first time two new songs from the upcoming album  “Fornaldarsagor“(release April 26, 2019), which are “Hervors arv” and “Tvenne drömmar“.


At the half of the show, there are more and more slammers. The new songs immerse us in the world of ancient Sagas with sounds closer to “Legions of the North” than their latest self-titled album “Månegarm“, and they return to their roots with a touch of Black Metal.




Tagen av daga

Hordes of Hel

Vedergällningens tid

Hervors arv (NEW)


Nattsjäl, drömsjäl



Tvenne drömmar (NEW)

Odin owns ye all



We finish with the traditional “Hemfärd”. 1h15 of exceptional show. We must quickly leave the hall to go to the signing session of Månegarm at the entrance of the festival.



Upcoming shows :

27.04.2019 – Stockholm Slaughter (Release-party – Stockholm, Sweden)

7-9.06.2019 – Zobens un Lemess Open Air (Bauska Hillfort, Latvia)

23-24.08.2019 : Månegarm Open Air (Norrtälje, Sweden)